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We have over 30 years of experience in personal injury. In addition, with a former insurance company employee on staff, we have valuable insight into how and why they do things. We know their tricks. and tactics. We fight to get you the best possible settlement! Because of our experience we can settle most cases out of court – saving you time and money!

“I had two accidents that were not my fault and was injured. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for the second accident saying my injuries were all from the first one. After my lawyers filed a lawsuit the insurance company changed their tune real fast. I am so happy I hired these guys because they never gave-up and pushed until I got paid.”

Tianna L.

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A sudden fall from scaffolding, a cancer diagnosis from years of breathing asbestos, a fractured spine from slipping on a wet floor, or the slow onset of carpal tunnel syndrome after years of constant typing—all of these work-related injuries deserve just compensation.

When you are hurt on the job, our caring team can come to your aid. We have an intimate knowledge of the Minnesota legal system. After more than 27 years in the business, Metro Law Offices is fully equipped to argue for your right to wage restitution, medical reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation, or disability benefits. We operate on contingency fees, which means that we will not ask for payment until you receive compensation.

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Construction Site Injuries
The state of Minnesota is constantly seeing new change with the construction of more buildings. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration takes steps to ensure worker safety, construction workers are still highly susceptible to injury and accident death while on the job.
Some common construction injuries include:
  • Slip and falls
  • Power tool accidents
  • Electrical burns
  • Trench accidents
  • Head injuries from falling objects
  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Welding accidents

The first thing we must do in a construction worker case is to determine who was at fault. Were the general contractor and project owner observing all safety measures? Were OSHA standards followed? Was any equipment faulty? Were the workers provided with the proper gear and tools? Was anyone negligent? Was all equipment inspected properly? Once we know the answer to these questions, we can begin to build a case that maximizes your possibility for recovery.

Fighting the Insurance Companies to Get You Coverage

Insurance companies may claim that your work injury is related to a previous accident, or that the injuries are not from work. If insurance companies deny your claim, you may be forced to pay all medical expenses out of pocket. Let our strategic team battle with reticent insurance companies and fight for your recovery. Whether you live in Minneapolis, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, or another part of Minnesota, we are here to help.

Give our Minneapolis work injury lawyer a call at (763) 592-0200 to learn more. We are available to talk 24 hours a day.

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FAQ for a work injury lawyer in Minnesota

Can I be fired while on workers comp in Minnesota?

There is a law in Minnesota that prevents employers from firing employees for seeking workers compensation benefits. The law also states that an employer cannot intentionally obstruct an employee from seeking workers compensation benefits.

What qualifies as injury on duty?

An accident must be reported when an employee meets with an accident arising out of and in the course of employment resulting in a personal injury for which medical treatment is required. Written or verbal notice of an injury at work is to be given to the employer before the completion of the shift.

How does workman's comp work in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Workers Compensation Laws represent a trade-off of sorts for the employee: the employee is guaranteed compensation for any employment-related injury regardless of fault; but the nature and extent of benefits is limited to that provided by the Act.


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Highly Trained Staff Will Meet You in the Privacy of Your Own Home Upon Request
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Highly Trained Staff Will Meet You in the Privacy of Your Own Home Upon Request
Highly Trained Staff Will Meet You in the Privacy of Your Own Home Upon Request
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