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Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and suppliers all play a part in providing products to consumers. If you purchase a product that injures you, you may be entitled to compensation. In these situations, it is wise to hire a knowledgeable product liability attorney in Minneapolis. Metro Law Offices has worked on thousands of cases, and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We are not afraid to take on large corporations, insurance companies, manufacturers, and other negligent entities.

Pursuing damages can relieve financial stress. You may be able to regain money spent on hospital expenses and therapy. If you had to miss work to recover, the defendant may be held responsible for your lost paychecks. Civil litigation also holds corporations accountable. A lawsuit can get the manufacturer’s attention and make changes happen.

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Examples of Product Liability Lawsuits

You may want to pursue a product liability case if:

  • A product you purchased had a design defect that caused injury
  • The product had a manufacturing defect that resulted in injury
  • The company failed to warn you of an obvious danger regarding the product on the packaging

If you were aware of a product defect but kept using the product anyway, your case may lose credibility. The company can argue that you were reckless in your use of the item. Your case may be baseless if you were not using the product correctly, or handled the product recklessly or carelessly. Our Minneapolis product liability attorney can listen to your side of the story and advocate for your rights.

Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents – Who Is at Fault?
A person can recover damages in a product liability case based on strict liability, negligence, or breach of warranty. Most often, these cases are argued on the basis of strict liability. Strict liability is a special protection for consumers. It keeps them from needing to pursue evidence for claims of negligence against manufacturers.

Instead, strict liability states that the manufacturer or the business that sold you a product is responsible for injuries caused by the item if:

  • The product had an unreasonable, dangerous defect which came into existence when the company was manufacturing, shipping, or designing it
  • No one tampered with the product significantly after it was originally sold
  • The defect caused an injury when the product was being used correctly

Learn more about product liability cases and how our Minneapolis product liability lawyercan help. Dial (763) 592-0200 to speak with our team today.

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FAQ About Personal Injuries

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What actions should you take when getting compensation for a defective product?

Seek Legal Representation

Companies defending defective product lawsuits will hire lawyers and fight any way they can to prevent pay compensation. You need an experienced product liability lawyer to help protect and fight for your interests.

How do you prove a product is defective?

You can prove that a product’s design is defective if you can demonstrate that the product poses a danger that the common consumer would not notice. As such, liability will depend on whether the warnings and instructions were detailed enough.

What are the three things a plaintiff must prove in a product lawsuit with regard to damages?

Common elements of PL claims. There are three common elements to all product liability lawsuits, regardless of the legal theory that the lawsuit is brought under. The lawsuit must involve a product, the product must be found to be defective, and the product defect must be found to be the proximate cause of the injury.

How do companies defend a product liability lawsuit?

A straightforward but sometimes effective defense to product liability claims is to argue that the plaintiff’s injury is unrelated to the product. If the defending company can show that the injury was caused by something else or was preexisting, then it could protect it from liability.

What is the most common cause of product liability claims?

Manufacturing defects are the most common cause of product liability claims. A product liability lawsuit based on a manufacturing defect alleges that the original design of the product is completely safe but that something happened during the manufacturing process to make the product unsafe.

Injured by a defective product - call us for help.

Complex litigation is not something you should attempt on your own.

What are the 3 types of product liability claims?

Types of Products Liability Claims

Products liability claims can be based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness. This will typically depend on the jurisdiction within which the claim is based.

What must a plaintiff show to win a product liability case based on negligence?

In order to prevail in negligence, a plaintiff must prove each of the following elements to succeed: The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty. The defendant breached that duty. The defendant’s breach of duty caused an injury to the plaintiff.

Maybe I caused my own injury?

Though there are numerous instances in which a defective product could injure a person, defects that give rise to supplier, seller, or manufacturer liability. Confused?  Call us for help.


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Highly Trained Staff Will Meet You in the Privacy of Your Own Home Upon Request
Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after processes for change services after leading edge intellectual capital.
Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process centric outside the box thinking of change empowerment whereas distributed expertise.

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