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Todd Kenyon has defended and protected the rights of his clients throughout Minnesota and Federal District Court for over 30 years. Because arrested doesn’t mean convicted. When you need the best defense, let Metro Law Offices work for you.

Vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter most often occur when 1) drivers have prohibited substances like cocaine, methamphetamines or heroin in their blood or 2) drivers with over-the-limit levels of alcohol in their blood injure or kill people while driving. Hit-and-run violations and driving with a revoked license can increase the level of the violation and punishment. If you have been accused of vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter, you can fight your charges! We have proven skills in successfully fighting criminal vehicular operation and vehicular manslaughter charges.


Not all attorneys handle homicide or death crimes. The cases are labor intensive, stressful and sometimes very complex. Attorney Todd Kenyon handles homicide cases of all types including manslaughter, murder and criminal vehicular homicide.

Attorney Todd Kenyon works with experienced investigators to conduct an extensive investigation into all aspects of the case to insure the client that everything is being done to protect their rights throughout the most stressful and life changing experience imaginable. Attorney Todd Kenyon will fiercely defend its clients in court and at trial to insure the best result possible under the circumstances.

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If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial to have effective representation immediately. Not only during trial, but also during the pretrial phase as well. At Metro Law Offices, our Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will give your case our full time and attention, to ensure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system, and you have all the information necessary.

Even if you think the facts of the case aren’t in your favor, having the best possible criminal representation can be the difference between jail time and probation, or having your record destroyed with an avoidable felony or misdemeanor conviction.The implications of any type of criminal charge can affect multiple facets of your life. You likely have important concerns over issues ranging from how to confront the case against you to how to minimize the impact of a conviction.

We Address All Your Concerns

We are here to help. Our attorneys can answer your questions and offer straightforward guidance regarding your concerns.
What Are My Rights After An Arrest?

No person who is arrested shall be detained in custody without being informed, as soon as possible, of the grounds for such arrest nor shall he be denied the right to consult and to be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice

Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is important because they make sure a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in a case. Constitutional laws in America call for both parties to have equal representation and protection in court. This is regardless of the race, gender, ethnicity, or any other protected class.

What Penalties Should I Expect?

Minnesota sentencing guidelines take the defendant’s criminal history and the severity of the crime into account when calculating the sentence. While the severity of the alleged crime has the most impact on sentencing guidelines, criminal history also influences the penalty range.

Should I Plead Guilty?

Pleading guilty means that you are admitting your conduct is punishable by the law and you know the consequences for your crime. You are also giving up your right to public counsel, trial by jury, and the right to confront and cross-examine your accuser. If you are not a US citizen, then you will risk getting deported for committing a crime. When you plead guilty, your options are significantly reduced so please let us review your situation and help you decide on a course of action before you admit to anything.

What Will Happen If Convicted?

In the short term, a conviction results in penalties like hefty fines and prison sentences. Being convicted of a crime means that you will have a criminal record, which can affect your housing opportunities, access to higher education and future employment prospects.


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Whatever level of DUI crime you are charged with, it is critical you contact and retain an attorney with the experience to properly challenge the stop, arrest and chemical testing of his client.
Attorney Todd Kenyon, has successfully represented many men and women charged with misdemeanor and felony level assault and other crimes of violence.
Through tenacious advocacy Attorney Todd Kenyon has helped to ensure that many clients never go to jail, or avoid having a criminal record related to these crimes. In other cases.
Attorney Todd Kenyon has experience successfully defending people charged of criminal sexual conduct in Minnesota.
Regardless of the level of a theft related charge, it is critical to have an experienced attorney representing you as the ramifications of a conviction are serious.
Attorney Todd Kenyon aggressively defends people accused of property crimes. Let Attorney Todd Kenyon experience work for you.
As an advocate for the child’s best interests, Todd Kenyon understands the complex nature of juvenile court procedure and advocates for children at the highest level possible.
Attorney Todd Kenyon will fiercely defend its clients in court and at trial to insure the best result possible under the circumstances.
Attorney Todd Kenyon has successfully represented many clients from around the state in expunging or sealing a wide variety including: public intoxication, juvenile records, theft crimes, property damage crimes, drug crimes, assault crimes, and dismissed charges.

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