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DUI / DWI / Motor Vehicle Crime

Penalties for Drunk Driving crimes in Minnesota vary drastically depending on past criminal history, driver's license revocation history, blood alcohol level, and whether the accused driver was involved in a car accident that caused injury or death. Depending on the drunk driving charge, an accused driver can face sanctions that range from suspended jail time, high fines, probation, loss of driving privileges, to jail or prison commitment.

Whatever level of DUI crime you are charged with, it is critical you contact and retain an attorney with the experience to properly challenge the stop, arrest and chemical testing of his client, if law enforcement made an illegal stop or arrest or if they fail to follow proper protocol in obtaining evidence of intoxication. Also, an experienced attorney will advise the client of the strengths and weaknesses of the case so you can be fully informed before making a decision that will affect your life. Attorney Todd Kenyon has successfully represented numerous people charged with all levels of motor vehicle crimes. From misdemeanor drunk driving charges to Felony level charges including criminal vehicular homicide. By aggressive representation of the client Attorney Todd Kenyon has obtained dismissals, reduction of charges and sanctions for over 20 years.